Every year, many games are released. Some are continuations of previous versions while others are entirely new in the market. With so many of them out there, it becomes entirely hard to choose the top video games that will be worth the time spent playing. With the year being underway, it is good to look at some of the top video games of 2016 that are making headlines.

Best Video Games of 2016

Quantum Break

This game presents a very interesting concept. That is a video game coupled with a television series going along with it. The time bending mechanics on the game allow time stoppage. This lets the finish off their frozen enemies with bullets. This feature also allows players to rewind events and search already destroyed environments.

Some critics would argue that film grain has been overly used. However, this game puts the player right into the center of the action. It presents a very interesting story. Its digital cast has been drawn from people who are highly experienced in this genre. They include Lance Reddick from The Wire, Shawn Ashmore from X-Men and Aiden Gillen from Game of Thrones. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft windows.

The Witness

This game was released on 26 January 2016 and is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. The Witness is the second high profile game released by Jonathan Blow. In his games, players are challenged through wicked puzzles, developing his own distinct way of creating puzzle games.

This game is set against a vibrant island with sounds and sights worth checking out, even if you are not ready to solve any puzzle. It is a visually stunning and unique game, carefully crafted to reveal the mysteries of a lone island. This is achieved by solving a series of wickedly challenging puzzles. The Witness combines a world design an honest emotion and brain-teasers to produce a work of art.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III has a bad reputation of as a unit of hardcore gamers who just want to punish themselves. On one side, it is true. However, the franchise produces a marvel of visual design and gameplay moving from the usual challenges faced by the modern gamer enhancement. This action packed game presents a beautifully immersive world that is filled with discoveries and creatures.

If you enjoy intricate world design, thrilling combat and adventure, then this game is a must play. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Pc. As much as it follows the gameplay of Dark Souls II, there are much more added features, which make it more thrilling.

X-Com 2

This game provides a harrowing combat. Eventually, you will lose troopers, and it is very hard to say goodbye. The theme of this game is assuming that you lost a fire war in Enemy Unknown. This means that you will have to lead a revolution to remove the aliens from earth before they can execute their evil plans. It is set on a global scale and time is of great essence domains.


Video games are a fun way to keep you entertained and relaxed over the weekend or after a long working day. There are many games to choose since individual tastes are different. However, there are those games that are more popular than others due to the thrilling experience they provide. 2016 has provided a number of games that one can choose from.

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